About Us

The experts of 100M Trading House represent substantial up-to-date local and theoretical knowledge on the Central and South Eastern European region. We have established long-term governmental relations and gained corporate practical skills and experience in the region over the previous years. With our knowledge and understanding of business and operational processes, we are able to contribute to the competitiveness and success of our partners and clients by realization of new opportunities and exploration of efficiency reserves. We are able to objectively explore the problems emerging during the execution of the project and to provide solutions together with our partners.

Our Mission

Our services focus on the Client. After obtaining information about the project, we assign the resources to the tasks according to the Customer’s decision reached through joint planning work. In order to achieve the goals, we prepare a work plan that also helps to monitor the process. We take responsibility for the successful completion of the work or project that we undertake. We believe that the main criteria for the success of our work are the objectivity of the implementation of the work plan and the achievement of Client’s satisfaction and their business goals.

Our Values: